Seven Corners Visioning

Fairfax County is undertaking a re-assessment of the Seven Corners area. Local residents, property and business owners, community and civic organizations, and others are participating in this open discussion. An Opportunity Area C Special Working Group, a Land Use and Transportation Task Force, a Quality of Life Working Group, and a Connectivity Working Group have been created to explore the opportunities and challenges facing Seven Corners and to provide a forum for the community to share their ideas about the future of the area. As a vision is developed, future steps for implementation will be identified and discussed.

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Study Updates

On March 4, 2015, the Opportunity Area C Special Working Group concluded their work with a final recommendation on the Sears site. Minutes of their final meeting are available under the March 4, 2015 meeting archives.

In March, staff gave two informational presentations on the Seven Corners Study and Plan Amendment to the Baileys Crossroads Revitalization Corporation and the Mason District Land Use Committee.

The Staff Report and final draft Comprehensive Plan for Seven Corners will be available on April 7, 2015.

For more information about public hearings on the Seven Corners Plan Amendment

Draft Comprehensive Plan and Board Follow On Motions

Existing Conditions

Transportation Study


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