Merrifield: Design Guidelines

Download the full Merrifield Streetscape Design Manual.


The Merrifield Streetscape Design Manual is a performance-based guide that provides options for implementing streetscape standards identified in the comprehensive plan for Merrifield. The manual is flexible and offers a range of streetscape designs and material choices to adapt to specific site constraints. Created by Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects, P.C. and adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 2008, the manual applies to properties within the Merrifield Revitalization Area. It serves as a companion document to the Comprehensive Plan and functions as an implementation tool for the standards.

The comprehensive plan for Merrifield establishes streetscape standards based upon four distinct road hierarchies:

• Boulevard
• Ring Road
• Main Street
• Cross Street

The Merrifield Streetscape Design Manual further articulates the intent and performance specifications with representative examples of materials for each of the road hierarchies. Designers and property owners are free to select a preferred brand of street furniture, paver style, or plant material species as long as each selection meets the performance requirements established in this Manual. In addition, a fifth hierarchy, Pedestrian Enhancements, provides more options when established standards cannot be met. The overall intention is to achieve a coherent, yet distinctive pedestrian environment.

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